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EnterpriseROR Investment Data Analytics

The EnterpriseROR Data Analytics System is designed for financial service firms needing the broadest array of advanced analytics for their business users and individual investors. At the platform's core is an investment performance calculation engine and reporting system capable of gathering and analyzing vast amounts of investment account data for large and small populations of investors or plan participants in real- or near-real-time. It is designed to seamlessly integrate and operate behind the secure firewall of a firm's account access website and is the foundation for dailyVest's enterprise-level Big Data analytics module for Plan Sponsor Reporting (planAnalytics or PA), the Personal Investment Performance reporting module (PIP), the account Statement-On-Demand (SOD) module and the Print Batch Output (PBO) module for generating personal rates of return and performance charts for inclusion within printed account statements, or for archival purposes. A high-level system overview for EnterpriseROR is shown in figure 1 below.

How It Works

EnterpriseROR System Overview EnterpriseROR Data Analytics Platform uses production-tested, custom tailored “data connectors” to assimilate plan, securities, and investor account data from a firm's recordkeeping system or system-of-records/database. And because the core engine's outputs are XML- and JSON-based, standard web technologies and programming techniques can be used to transform its processed and calculated output to custom branded content for within your website.

Highly Performant. Highly Scalable.

The EnterpriseROR engine is highly scalable and designed to operate in real-time and batch mode. Performance calculations and processing of investor data can be carried out for an unlimited number of accounts, thus providing a robust solution for very large service providers. The term 'real-time' applies to EnterpriseROR’s ability to instantaneously respond to user requests for calculated performance, plan sponsor reporting, account statement on demand or personalized investment reporting. In the default 'real-time mode,' the system is designed to completely service requests for performance information on-demand. Thus, the moment a user requests a page containing dailyVest analytics, EnterpriseROR immediately requests data for that investor’s account from the recordkeeping system, processes, calculates, renders and returns the results to a web browser. The most time-intensive task in this sequence of events is the delay associated with retrieving account data from the back-office recordkeeping system. Calculations are virtually instantaneous and overall response times of 5 seconds or less are typical.

Flexible Integration

Inputs. EnterpriseROR connects to a firm's recordkeeping system for the following minimum data:

  • Transaction history for each holding
  • Current unit/share balance for each holding
  • Daily price history for each holding or the firm's universe of investment options

Application Environment. EnterpriseROR’s core engine is referred to as the "Financial Object Model" or "FOM," an XML Web Service which can be integrated within Java and Microsoft ".NET" environments. For easy integration dailyVest provides a "wrapper class" -- sample Java and ".NET" code containing pre-set FOM properties needed to generate a variety of useful output pages. Currently, a Windows 2003 or 2008 Server is required to run the FOM.

Outputs. The FOM engine is designed to produce XML output and there are a variety of standard web development techniques to transform this information-only output into customized HTML web pages or electronic PDF-formatted statements which reflect a firm's branding and corporate identity. Personalized client analytics such as a single chart or table of personal rates of return can be "inserted" within existing web pages if necessary. In short, firms have ultimate control over how personal performance and investment information is presented to end users via web pages, investor statements and other third-party applications.

Reporting and Display Options

As noted, EnterpriseROR generates output in an XML format. Simple and standard programming languages such as XSLT can be used to control layout, positioning, navigation, sizing, color and design presentation of the dailyVest analytics according to your own branding standards. Chart images such as pie, line, bar and scatter charts can also be generated to match. The FOM engine can generate these personalized information elements with complete design flexibility.

Robust Administrator Tools

EnterpriseROR comes with an extensive suite of administrative tools for verifying calculations, the adequacy and correctness of raw data supplied to the FOM engine, statistics about usage and cache hits, error logs indicating faults such as a missing price or transaction, inaccurate share/unit balance information, and the ability to set a "trace" on a specific investor ID for dumping raw data needed for analysis by dailyVest or the firm.

Frequently Asked Questions

EnterpriseROR is a real-time, web-enabled investment performance calculation engine and reporting platform designed to boost investor engagement through smartly designed, appealing and accurate web analytics which can easily be integrated within a firm's account access website. It connects to a firm's back-office recordkeeping system to gather investor or plan participant account data. EnterpriseROR calculates and renders a diverse set of analytics showing personal rate of return personal rate of return and investment information for investors and plan participants, and entire plan populations. Firms have many options for incorporating this content within their account access websites or printed quarterly statements. Content can be rendered as discrete values such as period returns, entire tables, or interactive charts.
EnterpriseROR is designed to integrate and operate within a firm’s account access website system and behind its secure firewall boundaries. It connects to a firm's recordkeeping system to access investor/participant account data. We supply custom .net or java wrapper code so you can integrate custom content within your forward-facing web pages.
Yes. dailyVest's planAnalytics plan sponsor repoting solution is available as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).
The calculation engine requires transaction history, current unit balance infomation for holdings (even if zero), and daily price history for the universe of funds owned by investors. Optionally, firms may supply asset class information to enable asset allocation analysis. Other information such as activity categories can be used to construct activity summaries.
The engine produces content in several data formats including HTML, HTML5, JSON and XML for rendering interactive webpages. The engine can directly generate on-demand PDF-formatted documents such as custom account statements.
Yes, for firms wishing to create their own charts and analytics using dailyVest-calculated data, EnterpriseROR can supply raw XML datapoints, raw JSON, text, and CSV. Static image formats are available in PNG, JPEG, EPS and GIF.
The EnterpriseROR is primarily an XML webservice. Using custom code or with existing production-tested dailyVest libraries, this xml is then transformed into nicely formatted and interactive webpage HTML using XSLT, CSS and JQuery to render within mobile and desktop browsers. This content is rendered within one or more <DIV> elements inside the firm's account access webpages. dailyVest also uses XSLT-FO for converting the engine's XML output into custom PDF on-demand account statements.
Yes, all HTML is designed to be responsive and mobile-ready.

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