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Plan Health Software


PlanAnalytics will help your business users uncover issues and trends affecting plan health and wellness.

What used to be just a benefit designed to attract and retain quality employees, 401(k) plans are now potential liabilities if not managed properly. Plan sponsors, advisors, TPAs and administrators can no longer rely simply on individual experience and professional judgement. They need more than that. Tools to augment and accelerate plan decision-making have become the new imperative.

Plans that Work

PlanAnalytics is a comprehensive monitoring and analysis tool for sponsors, advisors, TPAs and administrators. It analyzes the wellness of employer-sponsored retirement plans, models investment behavior of all participants, and measures how well their plans are working.


PlanAnalytics is connected to the recordkeeping system and powered by your participant account data. Powerful reporting capabilities help business users draw intelligent conclusions needed to manage a sound savings and investment education strategy.

Insight Drives Good Outcomes

PlanAnalytics provides a framework to track plan health and wellness using a variety of key metrics as indicators.


Promote Plan Wellness

Spend less time identifying problems and more time solving them to boost plan wellness. PlanAnalytics connects to a recordkeeping system and uses plan data to show how well plans are working through a series of Key Plan Metrics.

Manage Fiduciary Risk

In today’s environment, sponsors, advisors and administrators must be able to understand the fee structure and amount paid to recordkeepers to avoid claims made under ERISA. PlanAnalytics finds fees within participant transaction history and organizes this information for review.

Act in Participant’s Best Interest

PlanAnalytics helps advisers perform their fiduciary duties by providing tools and data analysis needed to act as an experienced and knowledgeable expert might… with care, skill, prudence and diligence.

No Participant Goes Unnoticed

PlanAnalytics can pinpoint problem participants with ease and precision. Find those not participating but who can, those without an age-appropriate investment allocation, those burdened by loans and unable to save, and those not achieving person returns consistent with a long-term saving strategy.

Saves Time: No More PowerPoints!

PlanAnalytics, plan advisors can stop spending time researching and building plan review spreadsheets and presentations and more time advising clients using relevant, actionable reports to build relationships, revenue and healthy plans.

Target Date Fund Analysis

PlanAnalytics shows you how participants are invested in TDFs and whether they’re invested right. Easily find participants with multiple TDFs, or a TDF and several non TDFs.

Anytime, Anywhere Plan Management

Retirement plan sponsors, advisers and administrators today want anytime, anywhere financial management for their plans. With PlanAnalytics and its OneClick Dasboard, you can effectively meet their demand by delivering robust functionality across a rage of devices- desktop and notebook computer, tablet, and smartphone.

Know What’s Trending

PlanAnalytics keeps track of how certain Key Plan Metrics change over time, for example participation rates, contribution rates, median personal rates of return, and alerts business users to the possible need to take corrective action.


  • Fully customizable; integrates within plan sponsor portal
  • Responsive software accessible from any smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer
  • Connects to any recordkeeping system
  • Batch process runs monthly to gather participant investment and census data
  • Private information remains behind firm’s firewall; AWS cloud-based engine handles calculation and analysis
  • Tiled ‘OneClick’ dashboard allows easy viewing of key plan metrics
  • Drill-down for details on any participant
  • Highly scalable: handles small to very large plans
  • Set investment performance thresholds in participant’s account


PlanAnalytics uses a powerful an secure cloud-based architecture. Data such as transaction, share balance, price history, and other census information is gathered by a batch process and data anonymization module residing behind the firm's firewall.

PlanAnalytics Usage Cycle

Particiant data is stripped of private information (PI) such as names, employee IDs, etc., and remains within the firm's secure data center. Non-PI is sent to a calculation engine residing on an Amazon Web Service could server ('AWS'). Real-time processing an calculations occur in the cloud and results are returned to the firm's web app where they are recombined with stored PI and presented within the plan sponsor/advisor web portal.

PlanAnalytics OneClick Metrics


All analytics are based on data supplied form the recordkeeping system, and are organized in a responsive, ‘tiled’ grid format so users may view detailed plan information on a mobile phone, tablet or desktop PC.

PlanAnalytics Metrics

Content can be customized to match a firm’s branding and corporate identity, while the user interface can even be customized to match a plan’s (employer’s) own branding. All information is ready-to-view and each tile is pre-set with filters and chart-types.

Customizable Plan Software


PlanAnalytics OneClick Drilldown

Most OneClick tiles have a drill-down feature. Clicking an icon takes the user to a more detailed view. Here, a chart shows participation rates grouped by age.

PlanAnalytics OneClick Drilldown


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