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Batch-generated performance information for archival & printed statements


dailyVest Print Batch Output Module

If you're considering offering dailyVest performance reporting to your investors from your account access website, chances are you'll need the same personal rates of return to appear on both the web and your printed statement. Or, perhaps you need to add personal rate of return just to your investor statements. For either case, dailyVest has developed a high performance Print Batch ("PB") processing solution that simply generates personal rates of return and other investment content for your entire investor population. PB is controlled by a simple configuration file which references a list of plans and a list of investors within each plan for whom calculated performance data is needed.

How It Works

The Print Batch Module is designed to work with and control the dailyVest EnterpriseROR FOM Calculation Engine. It takes as input several control parameters, a reference to a list of plans and participants, when and at what time to run the batch and where to store the results for access later on. It is important to note that the "results" are simply discrete personal rate(s) of return or other data representing some investment property of an investor's account. Results can also include color or black & white image files (such as charts) -- all of which can later be retrieved by your print process for incorporation into printed statements.


  • High Performance and Scalable - The dailyVest Print Batch module is multi-threaded and optimized for speed, allowing you to generate discrete personal rates of return or performance chart images for millions of investors in very little time.
  • Matching Returns - dailyVest will ensure that whatever performance calculation method you already use or wish to use for statements, PB's generated returns will match your website.
  • Multiple Electronic Formats - Print Batch output is available in raw XML or text formats.
  • Raw Output Datapoints - Most firms elect to generate personal rates of return for selected time periods at a minimum -- for example, recent quarter and year-to-date. The format of this generated output is XML while charts and graphs can be rendered in high resolution EPS, TIFF, JPEG, PNG and GIF. Other formats such as JSON are available.

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