Customizable, on-demand & batch-generated investor account statements


On-Demand + Batch Generated Statements for Investors & Participants

Firms understand the impact that effective investor communications can have on influencing participant behavior, especially with dynamic account statements. dailyVest’s Statement-On-Demand module can help you deliver clear, consise and actionable plan / account information to promote informed decision making. Statement-On-Demand is also an effective tool to reinforce both image and branding.

How It Works & Sample Statement

Dailyvest Statement on Demand Screen Statement-On-Demand shares a common thread with other dailyVest products: the data connector. Once dailyVest implements the Data Connector needed to "map" your recordkeeping system's account data to our EnterpriseROR FOM calc engine, integrating and deploying Statement-On-Demand is easy and straightforward.


  • Customizable - Full customization is a part of Statement-On-Demand: At design time you play a key role in defining the overall layout and content of your statement pages. This includes customization by section where you control the titles fonts, colors, etc.
  • Operates From Within Your Account Access Website - The Statement-On-Demand module is designed to operate within YOUR account access website and behind your firewall where it can connect to your recordkeeping system.
  • Plan "Skins" - Statement-On-Demand can have customized style and layout "skins" which can vary by employer plan, recordkeeping system, or some other system attribute. At a minimum, each statement can have the employer's logo showing on it.
  • Multiple Electronic Delivery Formats - Statement-On-Demand is available in PostScript PDF, HTML and raw XML formats.
  • Click here to download a sample statement.

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