planAnalytics Cloud Solution

planAnalytics uses an extremely powerful and secure cloud-based architecture. Key data is gathered by a batch processing and data anonymization module which resides within your data center and behind your firewall. It is then stripped of private information such as names, employee IDs, etc., ('PI') and sent to the FOM calculation engine residing in an Amazon Web Services cloud ('AWS'). Processing and calculations occur in the cloud in realtime and are returned to your web application where it is re-combined with the stored PI and presented within your plan sponsor portal's web application.

planAnalytics Cloud will help you avoid upfront infrastructure costs, so that you can focus on projects that differentiate your businesses instead of on IT infrastructure.

What Components are Where?

dailyVest's cloud solution allows a quick deployment to get your plan sponsor reporting website up and running faster, with improved manageability and less maintenance.

    • FOM4 calc engine runs on AWS cloud server
    • Internal big data database
    • Client's planAnalytics UI code

    • Batch Processor - gathers account data and census information
    • Data Anonymizer - strips-out but retains PI

Architecture at a Glance

planAnalytics cloud provides ubiquitous, on-demand access to plan sponsor reporting content.

Private Information

What's private? That's up to you...

  • You designate and control what is considered 'Private Information.'
  • PI stays within your data center and firewall.
  • PI never sent to the cloud. Instead, anonymous 'placeholder' data sent in its place.

Benefits of planAnalytics on AWS Cloud

  • Vastly reduced infrastructure, IT costs needed for plan sponsor reporting within your data center.
  • Updates - dailyVest can update, upgrade, and enhance without your IT involvement.
  • Bugs - dailyVest can debug, diagnose, and fix most problems without your IT involvement.
  • Scalability - massive Redshift Big Data database allows analysis of small to very large plans over long time periods.
  • Batch process - runs incrementally to gather plan data every day. Reports available as-of prev day. No waiting for lengthy batches.
  • Performance - columnar and massively parallel processing (MPP) design performs fast complex queries.
  • Security - cloud data is anonymized and protected using strong industry standard encryption, security protocols.
  • Secure access - anonymized data in the cloud is accessible only by you and dailyVest, while you see all PI within your local planAnalytics web app.
  • Superior technical support - Cloud solution is more efficient for all and helps dailyVest become a more responsive partner.

Plan & Participant Data Security

A diagram of the customer's local batch FOM to cloud components showing secure data channels...

Other Deployment Options

planAnalytics is available as an installed solution. In this case the planAnalytics system is completely integrated within your data center and behind your firewall. Integration and maintenance fees are higher for this option.

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